Thursday, January 14, 2010

Roller Coaster Rabbit at Disney-MGM Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios, formerly known as Disney-MGM Studios, used to be my favorite of the four Walt Disney World parks. This was back when you had the two hour Backlot Tour and the Animation Tour, in other words, when the park was actually what it said it was...a working film studio.

Yes, that is correct, TV shows, movies, and animation shorts and features were done at the studio. Guests to the park could actually see the filming of shows or movies. Or, they could see the animators working on the next Disney Channel cartoon episode or animated feature. The Animation Tour was definitely the reason I loved this park. I could spend a couple hours there.

Here is an article from the June 28,1990 edition of Eyes and Ears Vol. 20 No. 26 talking about the first fully animated work to come out of the new studio--Roller Coaster Rabbit. It you never got to visit Disney-MGM Studios back in the 1990s, well, take a few minutes to read this article. You will get a small idea of what you missed and what we all continue to miss today.

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