Thursday, October 1, 2009

Win a New GM Car

As mentioned in yesterday's post, each day, one lucky and surprised guest won a brand new General Motors car as part of Walt Disney World's 15 Anniversary celebration. We were fortunate one day in 1987 to witness a guy win a car at EPCOT Center. It was pretty cool. Mickey and the gang came running towards the surprised man and gave him a giant key. You can see the key in the picture.

Unfortunately, this was before digital cameras, so, my parents only took a couple of pictures. There was a news crew there, but, if I remember correctly, they were a WDW news crew filming the experience. I've always wondered what the person in line in front of this man or behind this man thought? Could you imagine..."oh, sir, go ahead in front of me, I'm waiting for my spouse". ARGH!!!!! Or, what if a family was waiting on their slow kid? NOOOOOOOOO! Or, what if this guy let someone go in front of him. No way! Now, I know this definitely made this guy's vacation special and unforgetable. But, I wonder if it ruined the vacations of the people before and after him in line? How would you feel? Anyway, since we were just walking up to the gates, we thought it was pretty cool to witness a car being given away on this day.

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