Monday, October 5, 2009

Snow White Diamond Edition Blu-ray/DVD $10 Coupon

Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 6, 2009, begins the release of Disney's new line of home entertainment, its Diamond Edition line. Appropriately, the first release will be Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which first hit theaters on December 21, 1937. This is definitely a timeless classic that has been loved by generations. Everyone knows the story, so, no need for me to do a review of the story, and, since I don't have the Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack, I can't do a review on that either. But, there are many sites out there where you can get that information.

What I do want to briefly mention is what is unusual with tomorrow's release. Disney is only releasing the Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack to stores tomorrow. And, it is trying a new type of packaging too. It will also be releasing a DVD/Blu-ray Combo pack. The Standard 2-Disc DVD set will not hit stores until November 24. This is yet another effort of Disney's to push the Blu-ray technology onto consumers. So, if you didn't get the platinum edition of Snow White back in 2001 and you really want it for your collection, Disney is enticing you to get it a month and a half early if you purchase the Blu-ray/DVD Combo or the DVD/Blu-ray Combo pack.

Now, I had been putting off getting Blu-ray sets for my collection until Disneynature's Earth was released. But, I decided at that time, I would get the Blu-ray/DVD Combo packs for all new Disney releases. My logic is this. First, I know I will eventually have a Blu-ray player. Second, it is only a few dollars more to get the Blu-ray/DVD Combo versus getting only the DVD set. Third, more extras are on the Blu-ray, which I love. Forth, and finally, the resolution is obviously much better. So, I am sold.

Now, to make the purchase even more enticing, if you purchase Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack by October 10, you can get $10 off by going to and printing out the $10 coupon. That puts it a few dollars cheaper than the actual DVD!!! I can't wait til tomorrow, til then, Heigh-Ho!

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