Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sorcery in the Sky 1990

The Sorcery in the Sky fireworks show was the original nighttime spectacular at the Disney-MGM Studios. It was narrated by Vincent Price, the horror film icon whose legendary career in the genre spanned from the late 1930s all the way through the 1980s. He also voiced the Professor Ratigan, the villianous vermin from Disney's 1986 animated release The Great Mouse Detective. But, what my generation primarily remembers him for is his narration of Michael Jackson's 1983 hit, Thriller. Unfortunately, Price died in October 1993. I believe the narration for the firewords show was changed shortly after his passing.

Now, what made this fireworks extravaganza so memorable was toward the end, a giant inflatable Sorcerer Mickey Mouse would appear looking over the Chinese Theater (Mann's/Graumann's, which is it?) and would shoot fireworks out of his pointed finger. Fortunately, I did take a few pictures of Sorcerer Mickey when I was on the WDW College Program. These are from July 1990. As mentioned in other posts, this used to be my favorite park. And, this fireworks show was definitely my favorite. The show ran until 1998 when Fantasmic, the current Disney-MGM Studios, um, Disney's Hollywood Studios, nighttime event premiered. And, yes, I do like Fantasmic better than Sorcery in the Sky.

So, did you ever have the opportunity to see Sorcery in the Sky? And, what were your thoughts of it?

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